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Here are examples of engagement tactics I've designed:
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Interactivities - eLearning

Instead of a bullet list, I used this technique to communicate a set of salient points in a course on social engineering.
Quiz with Feedback
Here's the solution I devised when the client wanted Learners to have the chance to review incorrect answers and try again. (Choose one of the first three answers to see how it works.)
quiz with feedback
I spiced up a potentially dull course on basic banking concepts with some colorful interactive navigation.

Click 'n' Slide
Another strategy to liven up the delivery of basic facts, giving the Learner control over the order in which they get the information.
click 'n' slide
Drag and Drop
A simple drag and drop activity to check understanding and reinforce content.

drag and drop
Scenario with Feedback
Mini-scenarios gave the Learner
a chance to apply what they'd learned by making decisions
based on real-life situations.

Interactivities - Instructor Led

Plugging Time Leaks
Because the feeling of "not enough time" is such a bugaboo for so many, I developed this hands on activity for a business workshop.
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Feature vs Benefit
This do-it-yourself worksheet clarified the important distinction betweeen a feature and a benefit.
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You're As Rich As You Feel
When leading a "virtual" book study on Eric Butterworth's Spiritual Economics, I created a series of companion activities, such as this, to personalize the concepts.
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Fill Your Programs
Designed for a weekend intensive, this guidebook offered a set of step-by-step activities and worksheets to complement the instruction.
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Tell Me More
A simple activity I designed to take the mystery out of how to talk about your business when networking.
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IDS Process

Curriculum Map Example
The first document I create at the start of any project, it helps define and structure content, as well as demarcate the length of each topic.
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Assessment Examples
1) This storyboard details an assessment strategy for evaluating competence on a micros(tm) POS system. Rather than relying on multiple choice questions, the focus is an online simulation to gauge skills actually being used.
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Design Document Example
Prior to development, I organize my ideas by detailing the text, design and interaction for each anticipated screen. (It always evolves once I begin building with the authoring tool!)
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2) This Level 1 evaluation I created is generic by design, but it can easily be customized to reflect a specific project.
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I served as Project Lead in developing the Framework for Teaching Personal Finance (pages 16-77) for the National Financial Educators Council. 
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When one was lacking, I created a New Hire Orientation Handbook for employees at Madrona Manor (a Michelin-starred restaurant in Sonoma County).  
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As a business coach/copywriter, I garnered much experience writing blog articles, websites and marketing pieces for both clients and myself.
"The Father Knows Best Syndrome"
"Happy Much?"
Marketing email for client
Home page copy for client website


Adept on both a Mac and PC, I'm comfortable with a variety of ID-related technology and software:
(plus quick to pick up new skills)

Articulate Studio Suite

MS Office Suite
Google Suite
Canvas LMS

Basic HTML
Basic CSS
Adobe Acrobat Pro
Web Conferencing


Becky Lucas,

Ann Hudson, Exchange Bank