Helen Graves is a seasoned professional who brings a wealth of experience as an educator to her new career in the Instructional Design field.

Though initially working with me as an intern, I was pleasantly surprised with the solid level of ID skills she exhibited. I have no doubt her skills will quickly be enhanced by more projects and opportunities to collaborate with others in the field. In fact, because of her talent and the time she saved me in creating her intern project, Helen is being paid for our second project.

Helen is an excellent writer who possesses the ability to organize content in a meaningful way. Unlike other interns I’ve had in the past, who expect to be spoon-fed the skills necessary to be an instructional designer, or who question the direction given because it isn’t ‘text book’, I didn’t have to really ‘teach’ or coach Helen on basic design. She came prepared to learn and perform. Helen didn’t waste time and made good decisions about balancing her time. If she wasn’t sure about how to proceed, she reached out to let me know she wanted to talk before moving forward.

Helen is dependable and holds herself accountable for completing assigned tasks. I would highly recommend her for any instructional design or internal Training Coordinator/Manager position you may have.

Becky Lucas
Chief Learning Officer