It was a pleasure to work with Helen Graves during her time with Exchange Bank. I was excited to bring her on board to create a fairly in-depth, scenario-based e-course on social engineering because her background indicated she’d be able to inject new ideas and energy, and that’s exactly what happened. Right from the start, her expertise, creativity and knowledge of the training development process made her invaluable as the “eLearning Specialist” for our T&D department.

Though plainly skilled at working in a group, Helen excels as an independent self-starter. She displayed dexterity at researching and coordinating with subject matter experts to get the information she needs to develop the appropriate content.  She works quickly, meets deadlines and troubleshoots the process with ease – minimal supervision required! In fact, she completed the original course plus two other, less extensive projects during her time with us.

Helen was generous in sharing her skills and know-how and introduced us to a new authoring tool. She provided the ability to upgrade the engagement level of our online training courses, which has translated into enhanced performance of our employees. She brought a wealth of skills and a proficiency beyond her relatively short time in the field of instructional design.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Helen as a valuable addition to any Learning and Development team looking for a commitment to excellence and a passion for effective instruction.

Ann Hudson
Director, Learning & Development
Exchange Bank